When Nina’s Nannies for Pets was formed, it was done through love – a love of animals, that I believe was inherent from birth.  I have always found it easy to connect with animals, who were my constant companions as a child and when I suffered a brain hemorrhage aged thirty-nine, I decided to follow my dream of working with them.

Ask anyone who has suffered a life or death illness, and most will say that it has a huge impact, both physically and emotionally and being an animal lover inevitably drew me to the pet care industry. I was going to save every poorly pet on my planet and help rescue and re-home every orphan!

Pet sitting was relatively new in 1998, but having witnessed my own dog who struggled terribly in kennels, I felt that an industry which was relatively booming in the United States would work well here and seemed the ideal solution to allowing pets to stay within the comfort of their own homes while their owners were away.  So I seized the opportunity of redundancy, contacted the local press who agreed to cover my launch and in the spring of 1998, Nina’s Nannies for Pets was formed.

Within the first two years of trading I had rehomed three cats whose owners were emigrating, saved a baby squirrel with severe anemia, a pigeon who had been hit by a bike and reunited a cat with its owner having been lost for over two years. Not only was I living my dream, but helping animal welfare in the process.

Animal welfare has always been close to my heart and I feel that we have a moral duty to protect animals from people who want to cause them pain, hence this has been an integral part of our business policy, in trying to educate owners that do not provide adequate housing, diet, exercise etc.

I feel extremely blessed to work so closely with animals and I will continue to put welfare issues at the forefront of our business. With a saturated market, the importance of good pet care is paramount, as is the animals in our care. We will continue to campaign against puppy farmers and support ‘Lucy’s Law’, which if passed, will make it illegal to sell puppies unless the mother is present, which will hopefully stop sales by third party dealers.

There is an old saying that until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains un-awakened and in my case, that is absolutely true!

You can find out more about Nina’s pet sitting service here:  https://www.ninasnanniesforpets.co.uk/






















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