Eyes in Pastel

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Eyes are the focal point in a painting – I ‘ll show you how to capture the light and the magic.  See below for more information.

Eyes are the focal point in a painting - I'll show you how to capture the light and the magic with these 4 examples.

4 examples of eyes from easy to hard:

  • The yellow owl eye is clear and straight forward to see, we'll start with that.
  • The cat eye is clear but a little more detail to include.
  • The black owl eye is trickier because it is so black you could easily lose the shape and the 3D effect - I'll show you how to get round this.
  • And finally the leopard's eye is at an angle and dark, this could so easily go wrong for you and make it look like the eye is face on rather than side view - I'll show you how to avoid this.

Please note that this tutorial is only demonstrating the PUPILS, not the fur or feathers.  The Eagle Owl Eye Tutorial in full with feathers is here and the Tawny Owl Eye Tutorial in full with feathers is here.

You will receive a PDF with your reference photo, a version with a gird and also a line drawing, materials list suggestions using Unison Colour pastels and a student range version (I use Jaxell but any brand will do) and the Zoom link to join the class Live.  Remember that you don't have to join Live.  All classes are recorded in HD so you can watch at your leisure.  The video is usually available the next day once I have processed it.
LIVE TUTOR SUPPORT: Included with all my tutorials is Live tutor support via Zoom.  Join the Facebook group to find out times, the details will be in your PDF.

6 reviews for Eyes in Pastel

  1. Michelle White

    This is a great tutorial, I have enjoyed attempting to do this subject.

  2. Kim Morgan Jones

    Being a newcomer to pastels and not doing any art work since leaving school many many moons ago, I was delighted with this course, Sue has an excellent teaching style, she explains how she is achieving the different textures and what she is using to do so, but also gives options so even though I didn’t have the exact colours or tools, I thoroughly enjoyed doing all 4 pieces and was able to create work I am very proud of.
    I would highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to understand how to layer, use colour and produce realistic looking eyes.
    A definite 5 stars from me

  3. Sarah Harding

    Sarah Harding-28th Jan 20/21 I am a beginner at pastels and found Sue’s eye tutorials to be very good,she explained it very well and made me see things and colours I would not of see on my own.

  4. Kathy (verified owner)

    I thoroughly enjoyed this project. Sue provides all the necessary pdfs and videos to enable you to complete 4 different animal eyes. Sue has a lovely friendly teaching style and I would watch each video and then paint along, pausing whenever I needed to, and then restarting when I was ready. The techniques I’ve gained have enabled me to complete more technical pieces than I would otherwise have attempted, and the compliments from friends and family have been lovely. All well worth the cost and I’m looking forward to my next selection from Sue.

  5. Georgia Scott (verified owner)

    I loved doing this course! I am a complete beginner at pastels, but Sue helped me achieve an end result I could be proud of. I had looked around at various artists to decide whose teaching style I preferred and chose Sue – totally the correct decision for me! Sue describes in detail how she is getting each effect, how she chooses a colour, how to apply the colours- whether lightly or more densely, direction she is applying the pastels etc. She helped me see the subject I was painting in a different way which helped enormously in getting a better end result. Prior to a class you receive a detailed pdf so you can make sure you have the right materials to hand with clear photo sources to print off and transfer outlines from and to work from. Then the videos are of excellent quality and filmed so you can see exactly what Sue is doing all of the time. Too often in other classes the camera is at the wrong angle, or the artist doesn’t explain clearly what they are doing. None of those worries with Sue. The eyes were shown in increasing difficulty so you could build on what you have been taught in the previous session, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend these classes to anyone.

  6. soniagibbsartist (verified owner)

    Fantastic course. I am a total beginner at pastel and working with colour, but Sue’s tutorials have taught be so much about both aspects. The tutorials are in depth, really clear and detailed. Sue provides you with all the information you need to complete your own masterpiece. I was surprised at how quickly I picked it all up, but it’s all thanks to Sue’s tutorials and great teaching style. I have bought several of Sue’s tutorials and have really enjoyed all of them. I absolutely loved painting these eyes. Each painting turned out exceptional. I would definitely recommend

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