How To Pastel Horse Portraits In Soft Pastel

Create realistic, ethereal horse portraits.

And you don’t need to study anatomy to do it.


You’re just not good enough at drawing.

Have you tried and failed… You just couldn’t get a likeness?

You can’t get the bone structure right and everything looks flat or just wrong.

The depth of their coats and colouring evades you.

Have you not even dared to try?

If you were nodding your head to the above, then the good news is, I can help you.

And you don’t need to be able to draw or be naturally gifted at art.

Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t easy.  But if you have a good eye for detail and you’re willing to put some time in, you will get there.


I am a compassionate, experienced pastel artist with specialist teaching and coaching skills (who understands what you need) to teach you how to pastel portraits.

Hello, my name is Sue Kerrigan-Harris,  I’m an award winning artist but first and foremost, a teacher and a coach and I love teaching soft pastel – especially portraits of pets, horses and people!

Before I was a teacher, I found learning anything so hard, that is until I trained to be a specialist teacher using advanced learning techniques. This opened up a whole new world of opportunity because I was learning how to learn.


how to teach others, just like you to learn as well.

I’ve ended up teaching people in my little village in the UK – people just like you, which has led me to teaching over 1000 students worldwide.

I’ve won awards for my art and I’m an Associate Artist for a world-leading soft pastel brand, Unison Soft Pastels.

A Time-Lapse of one of the eye tutorials

NOT ONLY do I show you how to pastel

(and this is the most important bit)

I tell you WHY you’re doing what you’re doing.
This empowers you to take the knowledge and apply it to your own paintings.

Gillian Riley

“At last I’m beginning to feel I can have fun with being creative rather than frustrated at not able to transfer ideas to paper. And rather than puzzling away over something.”

“I cannot recommend this highly enough, it has so much in depth detail without finding the way Sue teaches you difficult. I am a total beginner at art of any description and cannot believe the quality of work i am achieving. Like most people i probably tried to work too quickly at the beginning but soon learned to work much slower and the quality of my work increased 10 fold. Thank you so much Sue, I really appreciate the time and effort you put into making you’re tutorials xxx”


The Horse Portrait Course

This course will help you perfect you horse paintings: eyes, coat colours, depth, beautiful flowing manes, veins and muscle definition, leather straps, bits and bridles.

Patient real-time video tuition
(Assumes no prior knowledge)

You Pay Just £247 ($310)

(That’s over 60% discount)

Horse eyes are magical and they are so enjoyable to pastel. I will show you how using 6 studies. I talk through the whole process real-time so you know exactly what I’m doing and why. These 6 studies also include different hair types, bridle and bokeh effect background.

4 muzzles to include different angles, hair types, whiskers and leather bridle.

5 tutorials covering white and brown hair techniques, layering pastel to create
the effect of thick hair.

4 Coat types focusing on hair direction, tone and colour. Reinforcing these points to help you improve your skills.

4 portraits including a foal with a painterly pan pastel background (you don’t have to use pan pastels), shiny coats, bridle, long mane and grass.


NO Drawing Skills Required!

I’ll show you 3 different ways to draw your subject, 2 of which do not require you to be good at drawing!

Learn Step by Step

Learn with full HD Video tutorials, it’s like having me right next to you teaching you and you get the best view.

PDF Guides

Comprehensive guide to show you what to do and how to access. Complete with reference image, grids and suggested supplies to use

Learn HOW & Why

Sue will show you not only HOW but WHY you are learning a specific way so you can apply the knowledge to your own paintings

Supportive Community

Join my Private VIP Facebook Group where you’ll get personal support from me and other kind and helpful members of the group who know just what it’s like to be a beginner

NO Time Limit

Once you have purchased the tutorials are yours to keep for as long as you need. They do not expire.

You Pay Just £247 ($310)

(That’s over 60% discount)

#BONUS 1 (WORTH £300)

What If You Get Stuck?

You’ll get 6 months subscription to Art Club on Zoom. As well as being able to ask me any questions, you’ll get demonstrations, drawing practice, work-alongs with fellow artists all designed to help you move forward.

If you can’t make it live, you can submit questions and watch the recordings. 

#BONUSES 2-4 (WORTH £65)

 Bonus Tutorials & Footage

  • BONUS 2: Christmas Horse Tutorial
  • BONUS 3: Horse Eye Special Tutorial
  • BONUS 4: Black Horse Tutorial


Ann Kretzschmar

If I had unlimited time and unlimited funds I’d be doing every one of Sue’s tutorials!

I am really enjoying working through the Horse Portrait course. So many different examples and studies to work on with detailed instructions and videos that you can go back to time and time again. Not sure I will have enough courage to do the glorious picture Sue has just finished but I am working towards painting my daughter’s horses possibly as a wedding present. I’ve got over a year so I will keep practising!

Support from Sue and the facebook group is invaluable. If I had unlimited time and unlimited funds I’d be doing every one of Sue’s tutorials as there is so much to learn!

Kimmi Emjay

Sue is the best tutor I’ve ever had to teach me in anything I’ve ever done

Horses are a passion of mine and this course gave me the confidence and techniques to create realism in my art
Sue is the best tutor I’ve ever had to teach me in anything I’ve ever done
Her calm and detailed style is so easy to follow, explanations make sense and the videos are mine to follow at my own pace which is fantastic
Following this course has given me the help I needed to believe in myself
Highly recommended

Stephen Bryne

“Sue has the rare talent of being able to both do and teach, and also has the wonderful gift of being able to demonstrate techniques on the video while clearly explaining what she is doing at the same time.

I have had the great pleasure of participating in two online courses with Sue, one organised by Unison Colour as part of their excellent “Five Day Challenge” series, and the second directly with Sue. I had a tremendously rewarding time on both; they were not only incredibly informative and helpful to me in learning, but also great fun.

Sue has the rare talent of being able to both do and teach, and also has the wonderful gift of being able to demonstrate techniques on the video while clearly explaining what she is doing at the same time. She is patient with questions and is happy to take them as the lesson progresses, and no question is treated as less valid than any other, whether basic or not.

I gained real practical benefits on both courses and met a number of lovely artists and learners through them. I would recommend anyone who has an interest in learning more about pastels to look up Sue’s website or contact her directly about her courses.

When you purchase you’ll get instant access to download everything and save to your computer. This is a course you can keep and use to refer to time and time again, there is no time limit.

What’s Included Today:

The Horse Portrait Course (Value £390)

BONUS #1: 3 Month Subscription to Art Club (Value £300)

BONUSES #2-4: Tutorials (Value £65)

You Pay Just £247 ($310)

(That’s over 60% discount)


Most frequently asked questions and answers

Is there a time-limit to complete?

There is no time-limit to complete the course.  Once you purchase, it is yours to keep.

What supplies do I need?

Each individual tutorial has detailed instructions about supplies.  I use Unison Soft Pastels but you don’t need a specific brand to do this course.

What if I get stuck?

If you get stuck with your order, email Sue  If you get stuck with your art, comment in the VIP Facebook Group and Sue amd other members will help.  You can also ask questions in the Tuesday Art Club.

How will the Course be sent to me?

Once you purchase you will see a screen with all the links to download.  You’ll also get an email.

I can't draw

That’s okay, I show you 2 ways to draw your image without needing any drawing skills.

Can I watch the Videos on my tablet?

Yes, the videos are recorded in HD and on Youtube.  I give you an exclusive link to watch them