Create beautiful portraits of your grandchildren, your children, family, and friends.

Learn how to paint portraits in soft pastel

“Human faces are the hardest to draw and skin tones are impossible!”

If this is how you feel, you’re in the right place because I used to think this too.  But I taught myself how and since then, I’ve taught over 1000 others how.  So I know I can teach you too.

You don’t have years to learn how to draw faces but you’re passionate about wanting to.

Have you tried and failed… You just couldn’t get a likeness?

You’re just not good enough at drawing. 

Have you not even dared to try?

Perhaps you’re great at animal portraits but people portraits evade you?

If you were nodding your head to the above, then the good news is, I can help you.

And you don’t need to be able to draw or be naturally gifted at art.

Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t easy, but if you have a good eye for detail and you’re willing to put some time in, you will get there.


I am a compassionate, experienced pastel artist with specialist teaching and coaching skills (who understands what you need) to teach you how to pastel portraits.

Hello, my name is Sue Kerrigan-Harris,  I’m an award winning artist but first and foremost, a teacher and a coach and I love teaching soft pastel – especially portraits!

Before I was a teacher, I found learning anything so hard, that is until I trained to be a specialist teacher using advanced learning techniques. This opened up a whole new world of opportunity because I was learning how to learn.


how to teach others, just like you to learn as well.

I’ve ended up teaching people in my little village in the UK – people just like you, which has led me to teaching over 1000 students worldwide.

I’ve won awards for my art and I’m an Associate Artist for a world-leading soft pastel brand, Unison Soft Pastels.

NOT ONLY do I show you how to pastel

(and this is the most important bit)

I tell you WHY you’re doing what you’re doing.
This empowers you to take the knowledge and apply it to your own paintings.

Amanda Connell

Sue has given me the confidence to have a go and all the resources to guide me through

I found Sue’s lessons professional, well-resourced, full of detail and thoroughly enjoyable. She is generous in sharing useful and practical tips that might otherwise take years to discover. Sue has given me the confidence to have a go and all the resources to guide me through. A number of helpful bonus tutorials also included  – showing her commitment to supporting her pupils and the value she places on their learning. 

Prior to this course I had had very little experience with art but always had an interest – I had experimented with watercolour landscapes and portrait drawing with a pencil but I had always been scared to venture into colour.


Pastel Portraits For Beginners

The course to solve all your previous struggles.

Patient real-time video tuition for beginners
(Assumes no prior knowledge)


You Pay Just £177 ($217)

(That’s over 80% discount)

If you’d prefer to pay via 4 installments, you’ll be transferred to my other website where you can access this option

Your Pathway To Portrait Success

Here’s What I’ll Be Teaching You In Detail:

You'll learn the 4 key elements and the secret sauce to help you create a beautiful portrait, how to draw when you can't draw and you will pastel your first mini monochrome portrait.

4 key elements to set you up on the right path to success.

The secret sauce to create a beautiful portrait with a likeness.

How to draw an outline even if you can’t draw.  (I’ll show you two methods.)

Learn how to draw perfect eye shapes even when you’re using the 2 methods above.

You’ll work along with me to pastel your first mini monochrome portrait so you can put the above skills into practice.

BONUS: Join Art Club to get live support.

This is where you'll learn all about basic skin tones and pastelling facial features. You'll learn:

Pastel For Skin Tones Video Resource & Guide (Includes brands from student sets to professional).

How to pastel basic skin tones using pastel sticks/pencils/pans and different brands.

My simple yet effective guide with tips for choosing skin colours.

You’ll learn the do’s and don’ts about facial features.

You’ll pastel your first eyes in colour along with me.

And we’ll pastel your first colour portrait together.

You'll perfect your basic skin tones from Module 2 with 4 different skin tones and different age skin.

You’ll learn:

  • Asian Skin
  • Dark Skin
  • English Rose Skin
  • Beautiful Wrinkles

In this module I've given you lots of hair examples so you don't become stuck once you attempt your own portraits.

Hair can be very tricky to learn without help.  I cover 8 different hair types to practice now and save for when you need them:

  • Straight Hair
  • Curly Hair
  • Afro Hair
  • Ringlets Hair
  • Long Curls
  • Baby Hair
  • Thick Black Hair
  • Short Brown Hair

And in the last module you will perfect your portraits with 2 additional tutorials for practice and a self study section.

Tutorials and self study to help you build and improve upon the techniques taught in the previous 4 modules.


Young Girl Portrait PDF Resources and Video Tutorial.

Alice Portrait PDF Resources and Video Tutorial.

2 Self Study Sections: A range of eyes and facial features to help you dial in on the areas you need to practice.

    NO Drawing Skills Required!

    I’ll show you 2 different ways to draw your subject that do not require freehand drawing skills.

    Learn Step by Step

    Learn with detailed Video tutorials – it’s like having me right next to you and you get the best seat in the house!

    PDF Guides

    Comprehensive PDF guides complete with reference image and grid and supplies.

    Learn HOW & Why

    I will show you not only HOW but WHY you are learning a specific way so you can apply the knowledge to your own paintings.

    Supportive Community

    Join my Private VIP Facebook Group where you’ll get support from me and other kind and helpful members of the group who have done or are doing this course.   BONUS: Join Art Club too!

    NO Time Limit

    Once you have purchased, the tutorials are yours to keep for as long as you need. They do not expire.

    You Pay Just £177 ($217)

    (That’s over 80% discount)

    If you’d prefer to pay via 4 installments, you’ll be transferred to my other website where you can access this option

    And Today You’ll Also Get

    #BONUS 2 (WORTH £99)

    Clothes & Accessories 

    You’ll get an Introduction to pastelling clothes including how to pastel a checked shirt and a wool cardigan.  Also *bonus footage for pastelling dungerees, buttons and a patterned top.

    #BONUS 1 (WORTH £150)

    What If You Get Stuck?

    You’ll get 3 months subscription to Art Club on Zoom. As well as being able to ask me any questions, you’ll get demonstrations, drawing practice, work-alongs with fellow artists all designed to help you move forward.

    You’ll be sent an email to subscribe to Art Club totally free.

    #BONUSES 3-6 (WORTH £297 )

     Bonus Tutorials & Footage

    • BONUS 3: How To Make 4 Different Skin Tones with 6 Different Pastel Brands
    • BONUS 4: How To Pastel a Beard
    • *BONUS 5: Lara’s Portrait PDF Resources & Tutorial
    • *BONUS 6: Footage for reference including teeth, ears, skin and hair on velour, glasses, baby skin, baby hair, thinning hair.

    *Bonus footage is unnarrated.


    How Quickly Will You See Results?

    From your very first tutorial you will start learning how to choose a good reference photo and draw more accurately.  Combining this drawing stage with your first monochrome pastel portrait you’ll start seeing better results straight away.   The more practice you put in to the drawing stage, the better your results will be.  You’ll then continue to learn about skin tones and understand how to work with shadows and features to create the form of the face.    Next you’ll go in depth with skin tones and really get to grips with master skin.  Finally, if hair was your nemesis, you’ll learn how to pastel many different hair types using the same techniques though out.

    By combining my advanced teaching skills and extensive knowledge of soft pastel, I have taught over 1000 others how to pastel.  So I know I can teach you too.

    Don’t take my word for it –

    Here’s what my students say…

    Diane Nadolny

    “Using what I have learned from Sue in other tutorials and the portrait course has greatly helped me to improve my paintings. I highly recommend it.

    “I was asked to paint a portrait of my niece and decided to purchase the Portrait Course from Sue to help me in that painting. I jumped straight in to the eyes section and fell in love with Sue’s style of teaching. She walks you through each section, even how to correct mistakes and not panic. The ability to layer pastels and use light layers to create depth and texture. To mix sticks and pencils, how different features can be achieved with different skin tones, eye shapes, wrinkles, smooth skin, etc.  Using what I have learned from Sue in other tutorials and the portrait course has greatly helped me to improve my paintings. I highly recommend it.” 

    Janice Vaughan

    Sue is an excellent teacher who offers encouragement and support to all who sign up

    Sue’s portrait tutorial is packed with information. There’s guidance on the tools, pastels and paper best suited to painting portraits as well as loads of videos focussing on individual aspects of the face such as eyes, hair etc. In addition there are even helpful guides for painting babies, older people and people wearing glasses to name a few. I can’t think of anything that has not been considered. Sue’s written instructions are clear and concise, including options for pastel types etc. The videos Sue has created to demonstrate how to paint individual aspects of a portrait or examples of a couple of portraits are of an extremely high quality. They are easy to follow and again the explanation and instructions are excellent. Sue is an excellent teacher who offers encouragement and support to all who sign up/follow her. Sue’s weekly tutorials have really improved my understanding of pastels and my artwork has developed too. I even enrolled on the Horse Study course too as I just can’t get enough of her expertise…. Thanks Sue!

    Carol Hebden

    “Like all of Sue’s courses, you download the files so that you can keep them forever
    and go back to them if you need a refresher.

    I loved the portrait course. It is a very big course, so I did a subject at a time, alternating with other small paintings. But it is well worth doing, and takes you through eyes, skin, nose, hair, mouth, beards, teeth…everything you need to know about portraits of all ages and skin tones. There are lots of examples for each of the subjects covered, and some great photos that you can use to see how you are progressing. Like all of Sue’s courses, you download the files so that you can keep them forever, and go back to them if you need a refresher.  The painting below is of my husband, Andrew. I completed it after finishing the course – the course gave me the courage to go for it!
    When you purchase you’ll get instant access to download everything and save to your computer. This is a course you can keep and use to refer to time and time again, there is no time limit.

    What’s Included Today:

    Passionate About Portraits Beginners Course (Value £497)

    BONUS #1: 3 Month Subscription to Art Club (Value £150)

    BONUS #2: The Clothing Extension Pack (Value £99)

    BONUSES #3-6 Additional Tutorials & Videos (Value £297)

    You Pay Just £177 ($217)

    (That’s over 80% discount)

    If you’d prefer to pay via 4 installments, you’ll be transferred to my other website where you can access this option


    Most frequently asked questions and answers

    Is there a time-limit to complete this course?

    There is no time-limit to complete the course.  Once you purchase, it is yours to keep.

    What supplies do I need?

    Comprehensive details about supplies Are included in the course.  They cover pastel pencils, soft pastels sticks (from student level through to professional) and pan pastels.

    What if I get stuck?

    If you get stuck with your order, email Sue  If you get stuck with your art, comment in the VIP Facebook Group and Sue and other members will help.  You can also ask questions in the Tuesday Art Club.

    How will the course be sent to me?

    Once you purchase you will see a screen with all the links to download.  You’ll also get an email with the links.

    Eek... I can't draw accurately yet!

    That’s okay, I show you 2 ways to draw your image and you only need basic drawing and observation skills for that.

    Can I watch the Videos on my tablet?

    Yes, the videos are available to watch on any device.  I give you an exclusive link to watch them.