I asked Sue to do a portrait of my youngest daughter, Abbie, who was 2 at the time. Being the youngest of 3 siblings, I felt we didn’t have much (framed) to show off on the walls of Abbie alone and after seeing the fantastic job she had done of a friend’s daughter, I couldn’t wait to see the results.

It was a studio shot I had chosen, purely because it was one of only a few without her brother and sister stealing the show and her true cheekiness showed through in this shot.
As Sue was working on the portrait, she often sent me pictures of her progress and immediately I could see the likeness, even just from one eye!!

She was careful and precise, paying particular attention to small details, and if in any doubt, she questioned me about freckles, eye colour, curls etc, to create the exact blend of colours. With every snippet of progress I received, I literally could not wait to see the finished product.

I was absolutely gobsmacked by the end result. It was more amazing than words could describe and I am so so pleased with it! Abbie immediately recognised herself, as did many of her toddler group friends and when it was posted online, the feedback from family and friends was overwhelming. Her true personality really shines through and Sue has even captured the cheeky twinkle in her eyes!

The portrait now takes pride of place in the middle of a vast collection of toddler / school photos and visitors never fail to comment on how fantastic it is.

I would highly recommend Sue as a portrait artist, she is one talented lady! In fact I am now waiting to take the perfect picture of all 3 of my children together, which I would not hesitate to get Sue to work her magic on!