This is the gorgeous Imogen and was a belated wedding gift for Hayley – Imogen’s Mummy. This is what Hayley thought of her portrait.

Sue is a friend of mine and saw the photo of Imogen on my Facebook timeline it is one of her looking so dainty and beautiful and one of my favourite pictures of her. It was taken just after swimming and she had slightly wet hair – it was a special moment. [This is the beauty of a portrait – backgrounds and colours can be changed]

The photo is on my wall in my hall way, and every time I go upstairs I see the photo and I smile. She has changed so much in just a few short months that it is lovely to see it and be taken back instantly to when she was smaller. She looks cheeky and cute and the essence of her personality is captured – one of my friends saw it and said “shes completely captured her Immieness!” Theres no other way to describe it.

I posted the portrait on Facebook and the reaction I got from friends and family was amazing, it is lovely to have my favourite photo captured in a portrait. Without a doubt I’d recommend Sue, it’s a wonderful alternative to a photo that will last forever xx