lauraP-framedI chose this particular photo of my children because my son has his arm around his sister.   He often does this and it shows his caring nature and their connection as brother and sister.  Originally, Susan was only going to do their head and shoulders but she realised how important the connection was with my son’s hand on her shoulder.

I feel that Susan went the extra mile for me, she was very professional, detailed and it’s perfect.  Susan kept me up to date with progress shots from start to finish, ensuring that I was happy before she continued.

The finished portrait makes me feel happy and humbled, the initial sketch Susan sent prepared me for how brilliant it was going to be but I still had a big shock when I saw how lifelike the finished portrait was.

The added gesture of my sons hand on my daughters shoulder protecting her as he always does made me feel emotional and proud. it is unbelievably lifelike and every expression on their face is there. I am over the moon with the result I couldn’t have asked for any more.

My daughters cheeky little smile with her gappy little teeth is incredible. The way my sons eyes crease slightly when he smiles are there and their eye shape and colour are spot on.

I would recommend Susan to anyone wanting to commission a pastel portrait.  Very professional, detailed and perfect.

Laura Phillips

Comparison photo.

Comparison photo.

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