Photography Tips

Tips for the best photographs.

Your photos must be of good quality and likeness to the subject because I can only paint what I see from your photo.  The following is a list of simple tips to help you provide me with the best photos.

  1. A Range of Photos:  I like to be sent a selection of photos so i can select the best shot for producing your portrait.  If there are multiple subjects in the portrait I can work from several photos – you don’t need to get all subjects in the same photo but you do need the lighting to be the same.
  2. Lighting: You will need good lighting – It is better to take photos outside but if you have no choice but to take a photo indoors choose a window with lots of light.  I can lighten your photos on my computer to see more details so don’t worry if they are a little dark.
  3. Composition: Get down to the subjects level at head height for the best angle.  Often a photo that isn’t a particularly good composition but with the right pose and quality makes the perfect portrait.  If you need to hold your pet in position using a lead or collar I will most probably be able to crop this out of the painting.  A photo taken looking down on a dog is generally not a good shot – although it does work sometimes.
  4. Mobile Phone Cameras: You can get a great photo with the latest mobile smart phones as long as you take the photos outdoors and don’t use the zoom feature.
  5. School & Professional Photos: You will need the photographers written permission to use these photos as the photographer owns the copyright.  However, often these are not the best photos for portraits – if you are unsure send you photos to me and I can advise.
  6. Memorial Portraits: If your loved one has passed on please don’t worry – send me the photos you have and I will work with you to get the best portrait I can.  Sometimes I can combine features from different photos..

Here are some superb photos that my customer took of little Tilly the Daschund Cross.  They were taken on a smart phone.  The important things to note: Tilly’s mummy Kate got down low to Tilly’s eye height.  she didn’t zoom and she went as close as she could to fill the lense / screen with Tilly’s beautiful face.  Most importantly she went outside to get good lighting. Mobile phone camera’s work best outside.

example of good mobile phone photos good enough for a portrait.