New Forest Horse Portrait

I commissioned Sue to paint a portrait of my horse Harley for Sara, a very special friend of mine who rides Harley.  Sue came to photograph Harley for me, she was able to get just the right angle for the portrait and… Read more “New Forest Horse Portrait”

Special Occasion Portrait


This photo was taken at a family wedding many years ago and is of my late father in law with his wife. It was special because it was a lovely picture of them both and before he fell ill. The… Read more “Special Occasion Portrait”

Baby Portrait

baby boy portrait

I have followed Sue’s career as a portrait artist with interest and admiration for the past year. Knowing how talented she is, I needed a good reason to commission a piece myself. A portrait of my nephew at one year… Read more “Baby Portrait”

Wedding Portrait

wedding portrait in soft pastel

I commissioned Susan to paint a wedding portrait in soft pastel from a photo as a gift for my friend’s wedding.  The photo I decided upon was one that represented them in the most natural way possible, the one that… Read more “Wedding Portrait”

Joanna’s Children

Portrait of brother and sister

I recently commissioned a portrait of my two children from Susan, from my favourite photograph. I really wanted Susan to capture a very special moment in time, rather than a posed studio picture, and that’s exactly what she did. it… Read more “Joanna’s Children”

Joanna Murghie

Bobby the Labrador Portrait

dog portrait in soft pastel

I was given a portrait of my dog Bobby as a 21st birthday present from my family. I knew straight away as I was opening it that Sue had painted it as her work is very unique. Considering I hadn’t… Read more “Bobby the Labrador Portrait”

Tamara the Orkney Island Horse

It was my mum’s 70th Birthday this year and I really wanted to get her something special. When I realised that Sue can paint horses as well as people and dogs, I knew immediately what would be perfect for my mum. Tamara… Read more “Tamara the Orkney Island Horse”

Gracie Cat Portrait Painting

Gracie a custom cat portrait in soft pastel

My customer asked me to paint a cat portrait of her gorgeous cat Gracie, a British cream and blue short hair cat. My husband adores our cat and so, when I was thinking about his birthday, I knew immediately that… Read more “Gracie Cat Portrait Painting”

Ginny dog Portrait


We chose a photo from when we first had Ginny to show her puppyish features, the main enduring one we wanted to capture was her long tongue.  We did take some more photos especially for the pastel portrait but because Ginny… Read more “Ginny dog Portrait”

Trio of Dogs in Pastel

Charley dog Painting

I entered one of my dogs into a competition that Sue was running for a small dog to be a model for a pastel demonstration at Romsey Art Group and to my surprise he won! After the class I had… Read more “Trio of Dogs in Pastel”

Portrait of Holly the Kitten

Pastel portrait of a tortoise shell kitten

I asked Sue to paint a portrait of my daughter’s cat Holly for a Christmas present. The photos were taken when Holly was a kitten and I wanted something to remind my daughter of when she was small. I took… Read more “Portrait of Holly the Kitten”

Memorial Dog Portrait

I have been admiring Sue’s work for a while now and when my mother and father-in-laws beloved dog Roly passed away last November, I thought it was the perfect way to honour him with a memorial portrait.  Roly was 16… Read more “Memorial Dog Portrait”

Maria’s Portrait

First there was a black and white tonal version which was already perfect, the full-color version has been such a surprise for me!!!! Me and Maria enjoyed receiving the work in progress and it was like waiting for something very… Read more “Maria’s Portrait”

Julie’s 4 Children

Siblings Portraits

Feeling time march by, as my children are mostly grown up and wanting to capture some precious moments from their childhoods, I decided to commission Susan to paint portraits of my children.  Seeing Susan’s other portrait paintings in progress next… Read more “Julie’s 4 Children”

Julie R. Feuerborn

Woody the Labrador Pet Portrait

Pet portrait of a labrador called Woody

I had a certain picture in mind when i wanted our Woody’s a labrador pet portrait done, it is one of the only close ups we have of him when he was younger that really shows his character and beautiful… Read more “Woody the Labrador Pet Portrait”

Sara’s Children

I wanted a portrait painted of my two boys together as I have lots of professional photos of my older son but very few of them together. The picture I chose was from a photo shoot – I wasn’t too… Read more “Sara’s Children”

Sara West

King Charles Spaniel Portrait

King charles Spaniel Pastel Painting

My daughter’s dog Mick, a King Charles Spaniel is getting very old now and I wanted to get a painted portrait for her for Christmas to remember him when he goes. I took a few photos specifically for the painting… Read more “King Charles Spaniel Portrait”

Chihuahua Portrait

Framed portrait of Hugo Chihuahua

I wanted to get a portrait of my boyfriend’s dog for a Christmas or birthday present,  his birthday is really close to Christmas! As I didn’t have any quality photographs and it wasn’t easy to get a photograph with out… Read more “Chihuahua Portrait”

Freddie & Blue

Horse Portait

Susan has created two beautiful separate portraits of my two horses and captured them perfectly. I have no idea how she does it but when I look at her paintings and their eyes in each their character just comes shining through.… Read more “Freddie & Blue”