I had a certain picture in mind when i wanted our Woody’s a labrador pet portrait done, it is one of the only close ups we have of him when he was younger that really shows his character and beautiful colours, and this is something that Susan recreated magnificently well.

When I first saw the portrait finished I could not believe my eyes, I never thought a portrait could resemble him so well and Susan really brought him to life, it was unbelievable. I had bought this for my parents to surprise them for Christmas as Woody had recently passed and I wanted to get them something memorable, and gosh was it memorable!

Christmas day when they opened it, they immediately started crying, they knew it was Woody straight away and they could not believe how amazing it looked. They especially could not believe how life like it was, they were in ore at how the Pastel strokes look exactly like fur. I think what they loved most was that it was in Pastels and not paint, because of the colour he is and his very textured fur i think the pastels picked up the textures way more than paint ever would!

Susan was so professional to work with from the beginning, every time she worked on Woody she sent me a picture, what i loved most was if there was something i wanted tweaking, she would change it straight away until i was happy and she took in all my thoughts regarding the portrait!

Susan was so lovely to work with. When other friends saw this they were in shock at how beautiful it was too, they could really see how much time and effort Susan puts into her work and how well she brings her work to life!

Over this journey of finding Susan and getting Woody’s portrait done things could not have gone any better! Woody was part of our family and i think it is just incredible how Susan did not even know Woody yet has created such a stunning portrait with such Character and energy, i can not thank her enough for giving us such a memorable gift and making this Christmas so special, we have Woody hanging over the fireplace and that means so much to my mum and dad.

I would highly recommend Susan, she is so lovely to work with and she has such a genuine talent. I don’t doubt that any time soon my friends and family will be wanting their pets done from Susan! I have already recommended Susan to many of those around me and plan on showing off her talented work in the future!

Kind regards