Hello my lovely art friends, new and old!  Today I wanted to share with you one of the most useful ways to improve your art and that is regular practice.  It’s not ground breaking or new advice lol! 

But how do you go about doing regular practice?  

The easiest way to get in more regular practice is to have a permanent work area where you don’t have to pack everything away.  And I can hear you already, there isn’t any room, I just don’t have space.

So I asked in my soft pastel group on Facebook – show me their art space, warts and all!  And they certainly did.  So here are some of the ideas for you, both big and small and all are PERFECT.



Here’s Jude’s art space, aka the dining room table!  Absolutely perfect.  Jude is in the WI (Women’s Institute) and has always got some sort of craft on the go from calligraphy to pastel paintings and crochet so this table is multi-functional – including being an actual dining room table to eat at!!

Lynn thinks she’ll get the prize for messiest art room lol but there’s method to her madness.  She’s been framing a painting and also photos for a judged show.   In this room she has two adjustable tilting art tables in a square with a table and my computer table and monitor. Storage is under all three tables and another cabinet (out of the picture) beside the computer table. She sits in the centre and everything she needs is within reach and she can view and edit reference photos on the monitor. It works great for her.  I love the idea of being able to access everything from one seat!

Clare has a temporary space in box room whilst the spare room is being used as a storage space during house renovations.   I love the simplicity of this space.  A table, easel and an arm for a tablet to watch my tutorials on and view reference photos.   

Clare has a very important day light lamp over her easel.  If you don’t have a space with light, a day light lamp is perfect.

Laura makes beautiful felt animals and she says her space is wherever she can be bothered to sit, lol!  “That’s the beauty of working from home 😆😂 but this is some of the places I hide my stuff between projects.”  

This is Rachel’s art space, on the left is her new space in the living room and on the right is her old space in the dining room.  

Laura and Rachel’s spaces both prove that you don’t need a dedicated room for your art, just a small space.

Pamela says, “Not much of a space really” But Pamela creates the most beautiful soft pastel art here in what looks like her kitchen or utility room, proof once again that a small table is enough space.

Debby has the most wonderful (big) space!  Just a little envious here lol.

She says she’s a professional hobbyist, empty nester, addicted art supply hoarder with an enabling hubby. Good to be retired 🙂

Ann works from home so her art space doubles as her works space.  This is her ‘art side’ of the room, the other side is her office.

Gay says “Not a big space. Currently got the Annex set up on the caravan which means I don’t need to pack away every night.” 

This is a perfect space and exactly what I’m talking about – just finding that space that works for you so you don’t have to pack away every day!! 

I love Dave’s art space because I love recycling!

He says “An old table, the chipboard inner of an old sofa and scraps of wood to make a shelving unit, and finished off with a 6ft kitchen worktop I finally have managed to create a semblance of an art studio.”

And from the looks of it in his bedroom!   And Dave creates lovely work from this space – again proving that you don’t need a big space to create.

You challenge is to find a space, any space in your house, garden, loft, basement, under the stairs…. to turn in to a permanent art space so you can do more art without having to pack it away every time.  Good luck and let me know if you did it!

Sue is a Soft Pastel Artist and International Tutor from England UK
She's passionate about soft pastel art and teaching her students from around the globe.

"Art makes my heart sing and my soul smile"