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Are you looking for more personalised support with your soft pastel art?

I offer critiques, in-person private tuition or private tuition via Zoom.  See below for more details.

My student with her dog portrait

Tuition Via Zoom

Tuition via Zoom is £45 per hour.  Please note that before your tuition, I need to prepare for the session and this can often take up to an hour of my time  – I do not charge any extra for this within your booked time.

If desired, you will receive a recording of the tuition to download via Zoom or if you prefer, an HD recording this can be arranged for an additional fee – due to the extra work involved.   This will be uploaded via a private link to YouTube channel.


This one on one help is going to be invaluable. Your downloadable tutorials are so helpful, but being able to ask a specific question and get immediate feedback has gotten rid of some of the things that I feel were holding me back.

The video and audio quality of the call were excellent, and the help has made me want to run to the studio and start applying what I’ve learned. I love how your answers are always in the interest of helping me progress as an artist in my own taste and style. 

Thank you so so much!  Looking forward to doing another one soon! C. Dowell

Personal Critiques

I offer monthly group critiques within my Soft Pastel Skills Hub but if you’d prefer a more personal approach with a private critique I can provide this for you in the form of a video critique where I will give you constructive feedback.  This will cost £30.  Critiques are valuable tools for learning; seeing your painting through someone else’s eyes will give you valuable insights into what your potential customers may see as well as useful critique to help you improve you art.  My critiques are gentle, complimentary and constructive, actionable advice.   You’ll need to submit a quality photo of your art and answer a few easy questions.  Contact me here to book your critique.

You will receive a recording of the critique to download via Zoom.  If you’d prefer an HD recording this can be arranged for an extra £10 due to the extra work involved, this will be uploaded via a private link to your YouTube channel.  (This is easy to set up if you don’t have a YouTube account already.)

In-Person Private Tuition Options

Paint your own Pet

Enjoy 1 to 1 tuition to learn how to paint your pet.  You will go home with a portrait of your beloved pet.  You need to provide a quality photo of your pet and I will supply everything else.

This is a 1 to 1 or up to 1 to 3 workshop – £200 per day for 1 person, then £100 for each additional person. Max 3 people.  Contact me here to book.

This is a 1 day workshop but it can be upgraded to a 2 day workshop if you’d like more time and practise.

Soft Pastel Introduction Day

Would you like to learn how to use pastel but you’re confused by all the different pastel brands and types of paper?  It can be awfully confusing with the sheer amount of pastel brands and paper types available.  You’ll go home with a selection of different papers  and a set of soft pastels included in the price.

This is a 1 to 1 or up to 1 to 3 workshop – £200 per day for 1 person, then £100 for each additional person. Max 3 people.  Contact me here to book.

This is a 1 day workshop but it can be upgraded to a 2 day workshop if you’d like more practise with pastels and want to paint something of your choice the following day.

Bespoke Tuition

If there is something specific that you would like to focus on to improve your work I can tailor a course to suite your needs.  £30 per hour, minimum 2 hours or £200 for the whole day.  Feel free to discuss this with me via email or phone 07740 282399  email

Gift Vouchers

I have gift vouchers available to purchase for all my courses.  You can purchase gift vouchers online here

Demonstrations & Workshops

Currently, I am not offering demo’s and workshops to Art Groups due to my busy work load but this maybe something I start again in the future.

Hear Carol talk about her experience on the first day of painting a dog portrait
Day 2 – Carol has finished her portrait and talks about what she has learnt.

Carol’s Testimonial

What level are you currently at?
Beginner in pastels. Towards intermediate in water colours and drawing.
Have you used soft pastels / velour paper before?
Soft pastels a few times, velour not at all.
What were you expecting from your 2 day course?
To learn how to use soft pastels, to experience velour paper and to produce a “good” painting. I assumed with 2 days I would progress, which I did. I took that it would be enjoyable as a given.
Is there anything in particular that you learnt during the 2 days?
How to approach producing a pastel painting and how to use the pastels.
Do you feel motivated to go home and use your pastels?
Very definitely. I was so happy with the result I posted it on Facebook and I ordered some velour paper. I already have some good pastels.
On a scale of 0-10 where 0 = not at all and 10 is much more than I expected, how much do you feel that you now have the knowledge to go forward and improve?
Do you think you now have the ability to go home and confidently practice what you have learnt?
Yes, no doubt about it.
Are you pleased with your finished painting?
Very pleased. I have shown it on several social media sites and talked about it a lot.
Would you recommend me to your friends/family?
I certainly would. I mentioned you in my Face book posting.
If you did a course with me again is there anything you would like me to do differently or include?
Not from the teaching point of view but I would like to choose the subject matter.
How would you describe yourself as an artist? I.e. medium you use most and ability. How does your ability compare to what you produced in the lesson? 
I would describe myself as someone who knows a lot about how paintings can/should be produced but am not always able to achieve this. So far I have only worked in watercolours and to a small amount in pastels. I like to draw so use charcoal and graphite. I have never produced a picture with the likeness or density or layering like this one. The lesson also taught me a lot about myself, like I have to be more patient in the production of a picture and that breaking the work into small segments makes it much more approachable and easier and certainly less challenging. I also appreciated working on a 1-2-1 basis not only from what I learnt but also the intensity and the enjoyment of it as well, of course, as the finished work.

Carol Blacker

Amateur Artist

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