First there was a black and white tonal version which was already perfect, the full-color version has been such a surprise for me!!!!

Me and Maria enjoyed receiving the work in progress and it was like waiting for something very important and great to come true 🙂

The photo of the finished portrait has impressed us a lot but still looking at the original was something different. It still leaves me with the impression that its something alive… the photo captures a moment but the portrait lives its life and constantly “moves”… its a different dimension which I haven’t experienced until now ( I have loads of photos of my kids but none of them attracted me as this portrait does)….I dont know if I can explain it any better…

Maria said that looking at the portrait is like looking into the mirror 🙂 that means that you have definitely captured her personality!!!!

We all thank you so much for this wonderful job and for giving us this emotional experience! Many people who saw it send you their compliments!!!!

we will definitely need to do more portraits :-)))))
big hug!!!

Anna – Italy