I entered one of my dogs into a competition that Sue was running for a small dog to be a model for a pastel demonstration at Romsey Art Group and to my surprise he won! After the class I had the option for her to continue with the picture if I was happy. I was given many updates on the portrait and how it was progressing. I opted to use the framing company that she uses and was shown the portrait in the various frames that I liked which helped me choose the best one. Sue framed it beautifully.
As Sue had done such an incredible job I decided to have my other dog Charley painted. I took lots of photos and we eventually chose the one that would be best. Once again I received several updates on the portrait and how it was progressing. Once the portrait was finished Sue framed it as the previous one and I was able to collect it.
Lastly I asked Sue if she was able to paint from an old 6×4 photo as I lost my dog Barney several years ago and would like a painting of him. She agreed to do this. My photo was not very good quality but she managed produce another brilliant painting which completely overwhelmed me when I collected it and I had a few tears. It was like she had brought him back to life.
I am absolutely delighted with my 3 paintings. They are so life like. The eyes are incredible, so bright and shiny and even have a reflection to them. The fur is so fantastic that you can see each individual strand and you could almost stroke them. Sue managed to capture their characters to a tee. They are now on the wall together and I absolutely love them.
I would highly recommend Sue to anyone that wants a pet portrait as her work is not only fabulous but the service she provides is friendly and Sue is very approachable and understanding.

Ali Barrett – French Hampshire UK