Horse Portraits in Soft Pastel Course

A comprehensive and in depth workshop. You’ll receive:

  • Extensive Tuition
  • PDF Information Sheets with materials suggestions and pastel colour codes
  • HD Video Tutorials
  • Plus Extra Bonus Videos
  • 6 months Access to my VIP Facebook Group to get support

******Fully Recorded to playback and review as often as you like*******

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In your own home – watch the videos in your own home at your leisure  and join my VIP Facebook group to ask questions and get feedback.  Please note once you purchase the course it is yours to keep, there is no time limit.


See the shop page for details: Horse Portrait Course in Soft Pastel


Part 1 Eyes
Horse eyes are magical and they are so enjoyable to paint.   I will show you how using 6 studies.  I talk through the whole process real-time so you know exactly what I’m doing and why.  These 6 studies also include different hair types, bridle and bokeh effect background.  




Part 2 Muzzles:

4 muzzles to include different angles, hair types, whiskers and leather bridle


Part 3 Ears, Forlock, Mane & Tail:
Covering white and brown hair techniques, layering pastel to create
the effect of thick hair.


Part 4: Coat Types
4 Coat types focusing on hair direction 


Part 5: Portraits
4 portraits including a foal with a painterly pan pastel background (you don’t have to use pan pastels), shiny coats, bridle, long mane and grass.


Part 6: Tricky Photos

 What you can do with software on your phone or PC to enhance photos to make them easier to see in the dark areas and help with the out of focus areas.


I have had the great pleasure of participating in two online courses with Sue, one organised by Unison Colour as part of their excellent “Five Day Challenge” series, and the second directly with Sue. I had a tremendously rewarding time on both; they were not only incredibly informative and helpful to me in learning, but also great fun.

Sue has the rare talent of being able to both do and teach, and also has the wonderful gift of being able to demonstrate techniques on the video while clearly explaining what she is doing at the same time. She is patient with questions and is happy to take them as the lesson progresses, and no question is treated as less valid than any other, whether basic or not.

I gained real practical benefits on both courses and met a number of lovely artists and learners through them. I would recommend anyone who has an interest in learning more about pastels to look up Sue’s website or contact her directly about her courses”

Stephen Bryne

I just finished the Horse Eye Tutorial by Sue Kerrigan Harris and really enjoyed every moment. Sue’s explinations are easy to follow. Also, following a video, i can stop or go back for more details and do it when I want.

The photo and the pdf sent in advance allowed me to prepare myself and find the colors i needed. I highly recommended this style of tutorials.

Thank you Sue

Michele Cauchon

If you’d like to join this course you can BUY IT HERE



How does the Course work? 
This course is a video course with supporting PDF’s.   Videos are narrated live so you can here my thought processes and I talk about my techniques as I work.

How Do I Ask Questions:
You can join my Facebook Group or contact Sue 

When Do I get the videos:
The videos and PDF’s are available as soon as you purchase.  You will be emailed a link to download

Will the recordings be time-lapse or real-time?
The video tutorials are real time. 


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