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Do you sometimes feel

that your skills and talents as an artist can be explained as sheer luck, good timing or the kindness of others?

Do you sometimes think

that because you don’t have a qualification in art that you can’t possibly be an artist?

Do you often struggle

to even call yourself an artist?

IMPOSTER SYNDROME is the persistent inability to believe that despite your skills and successes

you feel inadequate and consistently doubt yourself and your abilities.

Does this sound familiar?

Wouldn’t it be great to have some tools to help in moments like this?

Nicola Arnold (PCC, CPCC, BA (Hons), Cert Ed) is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach empowering women to achieve inner confidence by challenging limiting beliefs and mindset that stop them valuing their own worth.  Nicola has worked with the NHS and during the pandemic with the Princes Trust.

Nicola will be joining us LIVE at 7pm GMT / 2PM EST on Thursday 16th November to give you 4 tools to help you thrive in the times that imposter syndrome strikes.

Beat Imposter Syndrome & Thrive as an Artist!

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