Framing Instructions

Yay! You’ve finished your pastel painting and you’ve handed it to your customer who completely adores it, well done!

But did you give your customer Framing Instructions?

It doesn’t matter if they are going to take it to a professional framer or frame it themselves, you should always give your customer instructions about how to look after their painting.

I always recommend my customers use a professional framer.  Because pastel paintings need careful consideration when they are framed and if your customer or indeed the framer doesn’t know that, your painting could be ruined.

I have heard of professional framers spraying pastel paintings without asking the customer or the artist and the painting is ruined.  I wouldn’t want that situation to happen to you.

Your customer will thank you for giving them this information.  This is what I fix to the packaging of my commissions so it can’t be lost or overlooked.  Feel free to use this as a basis for your own notice so that your customer can frame their portrait with the correct knowledge. 

Framing Notes

Please do not touch the surface of the portrait or rub it against anything or let anything touch it other than the glassine paper (a bit like greaseproof paper) that is currently protecting it. I would recommend that you have your portrait framed by a professional framer.

Your framer will mount your portrait with space between the mount or the glass to allow for any tiny particles of pastel that may naturally fall and thus will not spoil the mount as the particles will fall between the gap.

Your pastel portrait has been created with the finest and most light fast soft pastels and pastel pencils. However, as with any original art, it is important that it is not hung in direct sunlight or above a radiator because this will cause fading over time.

Your portrait has been produced on Professional Archival Pastelmat Card.
It MUST NOT BE SPRAYED with fixative of any sort or it will dull the colours considerably

Please enjoy your portrait for many years to come.

Best Wishes, Sue Kerrigan-Harris
Pastel Portrait Artist

    Sue is a Soft Pastel Artist and International Tutor from England UK
    She's passionate about soft pastel art and teaching her students from around the globe.

    "Art makes my heart sing and my soul smile"

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