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Specialising in commissioned paintings
~ People ~ Pets ~ Horses ~
~Soft Pastel Tuition~

Soft Pastel Tuition

You know that your new found time is precious,
And you want to make the most of it.

Enjoy Inspiring tutorials in small groups,
Meeting new people,
Learning new and enjoyable skills.

Creating art that you’re proud of,
And proud to share.


~People ~ Pets ~ Horses~

A moment in time that captures the heart and the soul of your loved ones,

That expresses the love that you feel for them,

That you can almost touch,
to cherish forever.

photo of Sue Kerrigan-Harris

~ Welcome ~

Hello, I’m so glad you’ve found me!

My name is Sue Kerrigan-Harris, I’m a soft pastel artist with a passion for painting portraits and teaching, it’s what I was born to do.
Welcome to my world of Soft Pastel

How may I help you?

Soft Pastel For Beginners

“I have no idea how she does it but when I look at her paintings and their eyes in each their character just comes shining through. You can even see each hair on the portrait of Blue. They are breath-taking and I really couldn’t recommend Susan highly enough to anyone looking to have their pet or horse captured in portrait.”

“When I look at the paintings I feel really happy because they capture a moment in time for each child and they remind me of their childhood. I can’t say what it is …the smile on their face or the look in their eye, but I see who they were then and who they are now. Maybe it’s there essence shining through. It’s a bit magical to me that a painting can do that! I am very happy with the results.”

“You should have seen my son’s face when the portrait of Moss our dog arrived for us – he’s cried over it in the framing shop, and cried over it when we hung it at the weekend. Bless him. He still misses Moss. Such a stunning piece of pastel work, it looks very lifelike. And Gorgeous in it’s frame on his wall”


Fine Art Portraits


Learn Soft Pastel with Sue


Individual tutorials

I came across Sue’s art work first, and was delighted to see she was offering online tuition. Sue’s classes are so good, she is such a good teacher. Her tuition style is so clear and easy to follow, even for a pastel beginner like me. I also appreciate the range of subjects and topics covered . My drawing has improved considerably and my confidence in the use of pastels is growing. I really look forward to taking more classes with Sue.

Diane Milligan

As a newbie to any form of art before joining Sue’s online art group a few weeks ago I am quite pleased with this actually looks like a Donkey 😃  I’m now hooked on Pastels and just want to improve ..and I love the vibe in this group ,encouraging, supportive and inspirational 💕 It is so useful to have Sue Kerrigan-Harris and the Dream Team of lovely people in the group 💕🙏🐶

Karen Ferris

I really appreciate all the tuition it has helped me to tackle more subjects. It’s almost like having individual tuition and the video recordings are so useful to refer back to. Sue’s advice on how to tackle a subject to avoid overwhelm has worked for me as I do an hour or two and day and find it’s working so well for me.

Julie Sharpe

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