Here are some quick tips that you can use right now to improve your art.  Whatever medium you use, these tips can help:

  • Take a photo of your painting
    • You can take a photo at any stage thoughout your painting and look at it in isolation from the work itself.  This gives you a different perspective and helps you see where you can improve or where you’ve gone wrong.
  • Turn your painting upside down.
    • This can highlight errors in the shapes you’ve created, again giving you a different and unfamiliar perspective to view your art.  Sometime we need fresh eyes to see our art and this is a great way to do that quickly.
  • Fresh Eyes
    • Speaking of fresh eyes.  A good nights sleep will give you fresh eyes and highlight things you couldn’t see the day before!
  • Use A Mirror
    • Look at your art from a mirror with your art work behind you.  Again this gives you a different perspective.  You can also reflect the photo of your work to get the same effect.
  • Monochrome
    • turn your photo to black and white and also your art work.  This will help you focus on contrast and you’ll end up with a better painting.

Do you have any other tips?  comment below


This past week we’ve been looking at improving art and in my Facebook group Pastel for Beginners and Beyond we shared our art – art that we thought was the worst we’ve ever done!



I’m so pleased that lots of people played along and posted.  This is what I posted.  Caravan Cat!
This was the cat that used to visit my mum’s caravan park.  As I was in need of practice ( a lot of practice!!) I thought Tom here would fit the bill.

So, what did I learn from this piece?

  • Complimentary colours don’t always work
  • Edges, edges, edges. My edges are not soft
  • Grumpy cats aren’t always fun to pastel 🤣
  • Paws need lots of shadow and form
  • Background needs more detail
  • the chest fur is so, so flat
  • Whiskers, definitely need improving!

This piece is so important to me, because whilst I hated it and there were so many errors, every mistake I made led to a question to eventually fix it.  And it is still proving useful to show my students who think that art is all about a natural gift rather than practice.

If you’d like to enjoy having a positive experience with your art as you grow and improving.  Join my tutorials (and coaching sessions) and you’ll not only learn new art skills but how to be kind to yourself and be a resilient artist


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