Sofft tools are primarily used with Pan Pastel but I like to use them with soft pastel sticks too. Especially when I paint human portraits. They allow you to apply very light, even layers of pastel that blend very smoothly.  Watch the video to find out more.


Sofft Tools – Original from Pan Pastel

The after market or unbranded sofft tools are much cheaper and just as good. Here are some links to unbranded versions: 


Art Sketch Wipe Knife (grey): 2 palette knives and 14 sponges

Sketch Sponge Wiper Tool or Toolsmudge: 3 palette knives and 30 sponges

40 sketch sponge tool: 40 sponges mix of oval and triangular

Art Blenders: 30 sponges and 3 knives 
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