I Didn’t Draw For 3 Years

Someone once said my art wasn’t very good. I thought it was great, really great, my best!

She said it didn’t look like the celebrity I was referring to and I gave up art on the spot for 3 years!!

My world came tumbling down.  This was my best and it is not good enough. Well I must be completely rubbish and I might as well give up.  So I did, for 3 years!!!

I look back now and think what a terrible waste, but all I can do is learn from it and help you to learn from my mistakes.


Let’s just look at what happened here:


I asked, “Do you recognise this person?”

Response: “No I don’t recognise him.”

So I told her who it was

Response: “No It doesn’t look like him”.  

 I look back now at that drawing and think about my reaction and it is ridiculous.  My response to her thoughts on my work say more about me at that time than her just not being very supportive. 

It wasn’t a rubbish drawing and it was a fairly good likeness.  If you know him, you’ll recognise him, I’m not going to say who it is because I’m now more confident.  I’ll add his name at the end of this blog though. 

I put her on the spot, she had no knowledge of my other artwork – no frame of reference. She may not have even known the celebrity that well and she might not be very good at recognising faces.  

Think about this:

  • I really thought it was a good drawing (for me)
  • For where I was at in my art journey
  • Compared to what I had done before.   

So be careful who you show your art to.  Be aware of who you are showing your artwork to. Be prepared for knock backs but understand what is really going on. Don’t be daft and give up like I did.    Join a group of like minded artists who can support your art journey in a productive way. 

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