This month I wanted to show you Barbara Camelford’s art. Barbara has been following my tutorials since November and in the last 2 months her work has come on leaps and bounds! The kitten and the monochrome man tutorials in particular. Barbara had no previous soft pastel experience before she started my tutorials and now look at how far she has come. Isn’t it amazing! 

kitten portrait soft pastel

“I have just finished the Kitten Tutorial and I am thrilled. I really think it is the best painting I have done but I think the tutorial was so easy to follow and so professional. Sue has a very easy manner and voice that makes you feel ‘looked after’ when following it. Absolutely nothing is left out and her explanations are so understandable.”


monochrome portrait

I absolutely loved the Monochrome Man and was amazed at the way it came to life. Sue your tutorial was fab. I am happy for any amber critique.”

In my soft pastel group we have a code for feedback RED, AMBER, GREEN. RED for take it easy I’m new, AMBER for a little feedback would be nice and GREEN for GO for it, sock it to me!! And feedback is always balanced with positive comments too. Barbara has really caught the likeness in the man’s eyes and his pursed lips – a tricky area. I just love the green bokeh background on the kitten and the fur has really convincing tones throughout – well done Barbara!!

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