Eagle Close Up


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Close up Eagle – a mix of realism and impressionism… More info below.

This simple yet stunning Eagle is so much fun and full of impact!

N.B As a minimum, you will need either Raw Umber Tint or White Pan Pastel and Violet Extra Dark.  The others can be substituted for pastel sticks.

⭐️I'll show you how to create a simple feather effect using pan pastel and a soft tool.
⭐️ I'll show you an App (available on Apple and Android) to manipulate your photo for an impressionistic effect
⭐️And I'll show you how to make the beak and eyes pop!!
⭐️ You'll need a sofft tool, a rubber blender and a tortillon

After purchasing, download your PDF's  with tutorial links on page 2, ref photo, a gridded version, line drawing for tracing and materials list suggestions.

You get to keep and re-watch this tutorial for as long as you need!  There is no time limit.

Need help? Art Chat & Tuition Evening Sessions. Join the Facebook group for the timings or email Sue sue@skhportraits.co.uk
All details in the Additional Info PDF.

14 reviews for Eagle Close Up

  1. Gillian Riley (verified owner)

    Another superb tutorial from Sue I absolutely loved every second of drawing this. Once again I learnt so much it was amazing watching the Eagle come to life from the soft effect of the feathers to the amazing beak. Highly recommend you to try this one

  2. Sara Mason

    I was pretty scared to take this on but it was too beautiful not to! It was a big step up in size of picture too.
    Sue took us through step by step at each stage. I love being able to pause and replay as many times as need be!
    At the beginning having a list of all the different materials I would need was great. I hate having to stop part way through because I don’t have a pastel or pencil
    In the end this has been my best work so far and is framed and up on the wall at home.

  3. Peter Thompson (verified owner)

    Hi Sue, complete learner to this medium and found it to be extremely informative and helpful,as you have boosted my artistic instincts into play I will be taking advantage of a few more of your courses

  4. Sonia (verified owner)

    Another fantastic tutorial from the lovely Sue Kerrigan-Harris. I absolutely love the painting I have created from this tutorial. It is spectacular; all thanks to Sue and her brilliant teaching style. I loved using pan pastels for this painting, and really enjoyed painting loose feathers. I was pleasantly surprised how simple and easy the beak was to paint considering it looks so complicated! I wouldn’t have had a clue where to start without Sue’s guidance. The combination of loose and detailed work in this painting works so well and I absolutely love the result. Such a great tutorial.

  5. Georgia (verified owner)

    Really enjoyed doing this one. I am not good at being ‘ loose’ and over detail most things! This tutorial really helped me see the advantages of a slightly different approach so that the detail really shone out in the eyes and beak. I loved the use of pan pastels which I don’t use nearly enough and this lesson really gave me more confidence in how to use them effectively. A very satisfying tutorial to do.

  6. Janice Oleary

    Sue’s Eagle tutorial is one that everyone should take. It was so well done, easy to follow and you will end up with a beautiful painting you will keep forever. What is especially nice is that you can easily follow Sue’s technique, but you can make it your own! Great instructor with a wonderful variety of subjects to paint! Looking forward to my next purchase!

  7. Barbara Camelford (verified owner)

    Just finished my Eagle. It was wonderful to do. Fabulous popping colour and scary look allowed self expression as well as detailed eyes and beak for the scary look. I really enjoyed working on it seeing it come alive. I do try my best but Sue’s tutorials are so brilliant that it is hard for me to fail. Thank you Sue once again. Fabulous subject and wonderful help throughout. Love the ability to stop video too and it’s always available too. Many thanks.

  8. Diane Nadolny (verified owner)

    The Eagle Close Up tutorial is amazing. This was the first tutorial I have taken of Sue’s and I loved her easy way of walking you through the tutorial. She provides everything you need but you are encouraged to make it your own. My colors were different than hers but I was fine with that. I loved how soft the feathers were, keeping the focus on the eye and beak which make this eagle jump out at you. I don’t think i I could have completed this in this manner without her help. I learned a great deal from this tutorial and I look forward to more.

  9. michele (verified owner)

    I just finished this tutorial and it was so much fun. I didn’t have all the colors but it was perfect because it force me to find my own colors and adapt myself. Sue’s tutorial are very easy to follow: great explanations and you can stop the video anytime you wish or need. It is not to long and you have time to think of your next move. I deeply recommended her tutorials.

  10. Nina Kvenild (verified owner)

    I’ve spent to evenings with Sue Kerrigan-Harris and this eagle now and this is the result so far …… one more evening and I think we’re done 😊
    I have to say Sue – I’m so pleased for the way you have chosen to present your tutorials – available when I have the time – so I can buy the one I want. It suites me so well that I can buy one and one tutorial to fit my capacity and time………A full course for me and I would feel I was behind all the time and that would stress me out.
    So thank you so much 🥰🙏
    Enjoy every minute of them 💐💐💐

  11. Nicky Suarez-Fernandez (verified owner)

    ‘Eagle Close up’ All thanks to Sue Kerrigan-Harris on her wonderful teaching, as always we learn so much with Sue’s clear calm manner, you immediately feel very relaxed and start to enjoy yourself!
    I so loved doing the tutorial of this Eagle with the dynamic beak!
    The Eagle was given to us in two easy to follow lessons, you are able to watch as many times as you want as it’s now yours.
    I started my painting on Uart 800,(I hope I might repeat it on Velour some time soon) this was different for me as usually I work on Pastelmat the same as Sue, I loved the feather strokes that Sue demonstrated on the soft tool with Pan pastels, I only used Unison sticks with my soft tools and details with Carbothello and FC pitt pencils, I was able to lengthen the beak as mine was too short, all this is so easy to do with Pastels as they are so forgiving and allow for changes! So thankyou Sue for a highly recommended tutorial.

  12. Maureen Peacock (verified owner)

    I wanted to thank Sue Kerrigan-Harris for a brilliant tutorial of an eagle’s head. I first joined the group during lockdown to help with the stress of being confined to the house, now I don’t want to leave, I just want to pastel. The Eagle tutorial video was in two parts and, at first, I didn’t really give it the attention it deserved. I watched them, then painted, this was going to be so easy I thought. It was only when I watched the videos through again comparing mine with Sue’s example, I realised the care and attention to detail she provides. These tutorials aren’t just ‘something to fill in the time’ they are serious works of art which, with Sue’s help and guidance, we can ALL achieve. Thanks Sue and members of the group for all your support. Now taking some time out but as Arnie said ‘I’ll be back!’

  13. Marian (verified owner)

    I really enjoyed working on this striking eagle. Sue explains every step and detail so well. I am still a beginner but learning so much and with Sue’s guidance I am surprising myself of what I can achieve. Thank you Sue.

  14. Lea Black (verified owner)

    I am not a loose painter but this eagle called to me so I knew I had to give it a go. Sue’s tutorial was very in depth, detailed and easy to follow. I throughly enjoyed it and I’m sure I will be doing more in the future. Take your time with this one and I am sure you will enjoy the results. I know I did.

    • Sue Kerrigan-Harris

      Hi Lea, thanks for your feedback. You did an awesome job with making the beak look 3D!! And those feathers were certainly loose, well done 🙂

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