Skills Builders: Wood


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Are you struggling with creating wood textures in soft pastel?  Then this is the tutorial for you.  Learn with me step by step how to pastel wood .  See below for more details.

Are you struggling with creating wood textures in soft pastel?  Learn with me step by step how to pastel wood 5 types of wood.   Full list of supplies are in the PDF  Download the PDF and get started today!  HD quality recording and NO TIME LIMIT!

⭐️Learn how to pastel 5 types of wood
⭐️Yellow Lichen on a dark wood branch
⭐️Sunlit, dry wood and thin, flaky, bark
⭐️Light coloured wood and green moss/lichen
⭐️Detailed close up. layered wood effect and moss/lichen

After purchasing, download your PDF's  with tutorial links on page 2, ref photo, a gridded version, line drawing for tracing and materials list suggestions.

⭐️⭐️⭐️BONUS! You get to keep and re-watch this tutorial for as long as you need!  There is no time limit.
⭐️LIVE TUTOR SUPPORT: Need help? Join my VIP Facebook Group for support.
⭐️ART CLUB LIVE & RECORDED: You'll also get an invite to join Art Club.  Please note this is a one time invitation, not for every tutorial. Hub members already have access.
⭐️Materials You'll Need:  Paper: Dark Grey Pastelmat Card 8x12 inches.  Pastel pencils and pastel sticks.  Full list of materials in the PDF

4 reviews for Skills Builders: Wood

  1. Helen J (verified owner)

    Excellent series of video tutorials that helped me build my skills for the perches and backgrounds for the bird soft pastel paintings I do. I have learned an immense amount from these tutorials. I would thoroughly recommend them, and I have incorporated the different skills used in numerous pastels already.

  2. Judith turner

    I have enjoyed doing these, it’s made me study trees and branches very closely when I’m out walking 😂

  3. Clare de N (verified owner)

    Very detailed series of 5 tutorials that take you through pastelling different types of wood textures. Sue’s videos are excellent and you can follow every mark Sue makes, and she explains each technique clearly. Thank you Sue!

  4. Jutta Maria (verified owner)

    The 5 Woods Tutorial is fenomenal. Sue’s step by step video demos in real-time cover all aspects of rendering wood in a realistic way using soft pastels and pastel pencils. Sue is a great teacher. I’ve learned a lot following this tutorial, and I am really happy with my results. I am already looking forward to working on the “Red Squirrel Lookout” next and I recommend her tutorials.

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