Monochrome Man Tutorial

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Monochrome man.. but with a twist, it’s 3 colours!  More info below.


Monochrome man is a great exercise in tone.  You'll only need 3 colours.  Black, white and red.  Specifically Faber Castell 169 Caput Mortum.  It's a deep rich dark red verging on brown but not quite brown!   You'll learn how to create this textured skin tone and wrinkles and the glint in his eye    You'll need a Sofft Tool.

⭐️I'll be showing you how to do an underpainting then add skin texture.
⭐️ You can use pan pastel or sticks... I'll show you how to use both (3 methods)
⭐️ You'll need a sofft tool or your preferred blending tool
⭐️ We'll be using a surprise pastel pencil too.. Faber Castell 169 to give warmth.  If you don't have this colour you could use any dark red/brown or dark blue
⭐️ I'll show you a glazing technique

After purchasing, download your PDF's with tutorial video links (page 2), ref photo, a gridded version, no separate line drawing as the photo is small and monochrome already and materials list suggestions.

You get to keep and re-watch this tutorial for as long as you need!  There is no time limit.

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All details in the Additional Info PDF.

1 review for Monochrome Man Tutorial

  1. Michael Morris

    Who would have thought monochrome could be so enjoyable. A fascinating tutorial, I learnt so much which I hope to take across to my watercolour too. Thanks Sue.

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