Retriever in the Woods


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Forest floor, trees and a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever with the most gorgeous coat of fur.  Lots to learn in this one, from the small dog (as apposed to a portrait) soft focus forest lighting and the forest floor effect.  See below for more details.

Pastel along with me to create this beautiful scene with a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever.  I use the new Unison 8 mini sets - full list of supplies are in the PDF  Download the PDF and get started today!  HD quality recording and NO TIME LIMIT!

⭐️Learn how to create a soft focus background
⭐️Learn how to mix greens and blues to make a blueish green
⭐️Learn how to pastel shiny wood and out of focus branches
⭐️Learn how to pastel a forest floor
⭐️Learn how to pastel small dog using a glazing technique
⭐️Colour choices and practice video included

After purchasing, download your PDF's  with tutorial links on page 2, ref photo, a gridded version, line drawing for tracing and materials list suggestions.

⭐️⭐️⭐️BONUS! You get to keep and re-watch this tutorial for as long as you need!  There is no time limit.
⭐️LIVE TUTOR SUPPORT: Need help? Join my VIP Facebook Group for support.
⭐️ART CLUB LIVE & RECORDED: You'll also get an invite to join Art Club.  Please note this is a one time invitation, not for every tutorial. Hub members already have access.
⭐️Materials You'll Need:  Paper: Dark Grey Pastelmat Card 7x9 inches.  Pastel pencils and pastel sticks.  Full list of materials in the PDF


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