Snow Leopard Tutorial


Pastel along with me to create this magnificent snow leopard  There are 4 colour options to choose from and also a beginners option.  More info below.
Paint along with me in real-time whilst I talk you through every step of this tutorial in real-time - I talk to you whilst I pastel so you get to know exactly what I'm doing and thinking as I work my way though this painting.
You will receive a PDF with the following:
Suggested materials list including pastel colour's in the Unison Colour range and a student brand (I use Jaxell 72 set but any set will do)
Paper choice
My top tip for this piece
The copyright free reference photo with and without a grid and a line drawing.
In this piece there are 4 colour choices you can choose from (see photos) or if you are a beginner you may find it more fulfilling to start with the eye.  The eye will be faster for you to finish so it's ideal for a beginner.
You'll also receive a month subscription to my VIP Facebook Group - link in the PDF
Take a look at the Time-Lapse video of my snow leopard in soft pastel
LIVE TUTOR SUPPORT: Included with all my tutorials is Live Tutor Support via Zoom, the details to join are in the PDF.  Join the Facebook group to find out times or email me. Times are subject to change to allow everyone to join.


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