Wild Rose Tutorial


A stunning wild rose that will teach you about colours, light and shape .  More info below.
As an ex school teacher/special education tutor I was always planning and aware of the learning I am expecting from each student. Which makes me acutely aware of what I am teaching you and why ❤️
In this piece, you are not looking to create a masterpiece but to study and recreate the colours, lighting and shapes.
You are not just randomly copying a photograph, you are learning techniques to help you improve and help you with the subjects you really want to do.
Maybe flowers aren't your thing but colour, lighting and shape are definitely your thing and are transferable skills for ever subject.
If you're feeling pressured to create a masterpiece, taking the subject out of the equation and calling this a study really helps take the pressure off.

After purchasing, download your PDF's with video tutorial link, ref photo, a gridded version and also a line drawing, materials list suggestions and the Zoom link to join the Afternoon Work-Along.  Remember that you don't have to join Live, all the videos are in the PDF to work along with at your own pace.

You get to keep and re-watch this tutorial for as long as you need!  There is no time limit.

Art Chat & Tuition Evening Sessions. Join the Facebook group for the timings or email Sue sue@skhportraits.co.uk
All details in your PDF download

You will receive a PDF with the, video tutorial links, reference photo, a version with a grid and also a line drawing if necessary, materials list suggestions using Unison Colour soft pastels, I also talk about other colours you can use if you don't have the exact colours.   Also included, your link to my VIP Facebook Group.


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