June Tutorial Offer


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Monochrome Man LIVE CLASS ON ZOOM WEDNESDAY June 9th 1-3pm with follow up Zoom session the following morning 9.30-11.30am Video released the following day
Monochrome man is a great exercise in tone.  You'll only need 3 colours.  Black, white and red.  Specifically Faber Castell 169 Caput Mortum.  It's a deep rich dark red verging on brown but not quite brown!   You'll learn how to create this textured skin tone and wrinkles and the glint in his eye. You'll need a Sofft Tool.

Wolves in blue tone LIVE CLASS ON ZOOM WEDNESDAY June 23rd 1-3pm HD Video released the following day.
You'll learn about contrast with just one hue.  You won't need an exact list of supplies, you need your dark, mid and light blues, black and white.  We'll be doing a practice piece to work out which are the best colours to use.  It's not always clear just by looking at the pastels, you have to test them.  You can use soft pastel and / or pan pastels - I'll show you how to use both.  You'll need a Sofft Tool for both techniques. I'll also show you how to glaze blue tone over the fur with pastel pencils.



Afternoon Work-Alongs (as described above)
Art Chat & Tuition Evening Sessions. Join the Facebook group for the timings or email Sue sue@skhportraits.co.uk
All details in your PDF download

You will receive a PDF with the reference photo, a version with a grid and also a line drawing if necessary, materials list suggestions using Unison Colour soft pastels, I also talk about other colours you can use if you don't have the exact colours.   Also included, your link to my VIP Facebook Group.  Video links will be in your PDF or will follow the next day.


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