Snowy Riverbank Tutorial


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Join me to pastel this stunning snowy riverbank tutorial – See below for more details.

I'll show you:
⭐️How to choose colours using 3 pastel brands: Unison, Jaxell and Koh-I-Nor (full HD Video)
⭐️How to pastel snow so it doesn’t look flat
⭐️Achieve the sparkle and reflections in water.
⭐️How to layer pastel backgrounds thinly and then add the foreground on top
After purchasing, download your PDF's  with tutorial links on page 2, ref photo, a gridded version, line drawing for tracing and materials list suggestions.
⭐️⭐️⭐️BONUS! You get to keep and re-watch this tutorial for as long as you need!  There is no time limit.
⭐️LIVE TUTOR SUPPORT: Need help? Join my VIP Facebook Group for support.
⭐️ART CLUB LIVE & RECORDED: You'll also get an invite to join Art Club.  Please note this is a one time invitation, not for every tutorial. Hub members already have access.
⭐️Materials You'll Need:  Paper: Pastelmat Card A4 I'll be using Dark Grey Pastel A range of browns and dark flesh colours - soft pastels and pastel pencils.  You don't need the exact same colours as me or the same brand Full list of materials in the PDF

See past students work here in the Landscape Gallery

10 reviews for Snowy Riverbank Tutorial

  1. Pat Muddiman (verified owner)

    What a great tutorial. So many learning experiences. The snow and water, all the colours and textures are a joy to pastel.. The trees, a masterclass in layers and how standing back to view your work shows you that what you see close up as a problem is actually just what the picture needs when you adopt the position of viewer rather than that of anxious creator..
    Thank you Sue.

  2. Geraldine Ormonde (verified owner)

    I really enjoyed doing this tutorial ! It was a huge but obtainable learning curve to create snow, shadows, reflections, still and moving water for the first time. Sue is inspirational and has a marvellous, easy going, teaching manner that fills you with confidence to give it a go. The tutorial package is so helpful with tips and what to do if things don’t go according to plan on first attempt. Sue is really encouraging and available to ask questions if in doubt. I do usually follow her suggestions of pastels and pencils to use as building up my collection – it is very addictive! One of Sue’s suggestions, is to really study the picture you are going to paint – I have taken this to heart and find it a hugely valuable tip; – further more, thanks to Sue, I now annualise what colours I would use to create the world around me and what shapes to draw them. Through Sue’s tutorials, I now see everything more clearly and it has brought me so much joy and a new passion to pursue with endless possibilities. Each tutorial has much to offer and this beautiful scene will get your creativity onto another level.

  3. Yvonne Nesbitt (verified owner)

    Absolutely fantastic tuition from Sue, I never thought I would be able to do a landscape with so much reflection. I loved this so much it is up on my wall. My only advice is to be patient with yourself and don’t rush, it’s well worth attempting this to get the vibrancy of the reflections.

  4. Yvonne Nesbitt (verified owner)

    Fantastic tutorial, Sue as ever was instructional and kept it at a nice pace, I hope to do more landscapes because of this tutorial as I found it relaxing and you get the wow factor when you step back and see the reflections.

  5. Clare de Normanville (verified owner)

    I learnt so much from this tutorial about pastelling snow. It’s not white! Sue talks you through ‘seeing’ all the colours in snow from blues and lilacs through to pinks and oranges. The techniques for water reflections and the background woodlands were really easy to follow and I loved using the very bright orange pastel! Thanks Sue!

  6. Gillian Riley (verified owner)

    Wow highly recommend this beautiful tutorial once again Sue makes it very easy to follow with in depth teaching and knowledge she makes it very easy to fall in love with pastels, as a beginner I couldn’t get my head round how you could make the water look real it’s amazing watching it come to life and flow thank you Sue

  7. Lynda Lazarevic

    Fantastic tutorial covering so many new techniques. If you are new to pastels it’s a great tutorial to get you on your way.

    Sue is a patient, skilled teacher who offers so much support

  8. Nina Kvenild

    This was so much fun to draw ….loved to get the reflection in the water, and the snow on the branches. I have said it so many times – Sues tutorials are so good and you learn a lot ! Spending time with her in the tutorials is like having her over for a visit !

  9. Ursula Garrow-Kennedy

    A wonderful relaxed tutorial. I watched it and made notes. The snow colours were a revelation to me. The water colours were vibrant. I did not have a dark grey Pastelmat, but took your advice to brush off and wash an old Pastelmat piece.
    It worked and I am just about to start. Very enjoyable tutorial as always.

  10. Lorraine Metcalfe (verified owner)

    Wow! This was an amazing tutorial. Sue gave very clear instructions although you didn’t need exactly the same colours. I am very inspired to now tackle more landscapes instead of my usual animals.

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