Ultimate Guide To Tracing


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If you are struggling with tracing your image or struggling to transfer your image, this is my ultimate video guide showing you exactly what I do and what I use, plus all my top tips to give you the best outcome.

Tracing (and transferring with graphite paper) is an art in itself and it takes practice to do this but with my video guide, you’ll get better results a lot faster!

This tutorial uses Einstein’s reference photo, a particularly tricky reference so I can share lots of tops tips with you.   This tutorial is also included in the Einstein Portrait tutorial which you can find here

1 review for Ultimate Guide To Tracing

  1. Clare de Normanville

    If anyone tells you that tracing is “cheating” then after you have completed this tutorial, you can confidently tell them it’s definitely not and there’s a real skill in accurately transfering an image. I used to just rush my tracing using a biro and wondering why my proportions were out, or what on earth was that squiggly line was supposed to be?! Another big problem was that I’d have deep lines in my paper that were hard to pastel over.

    Not any more! I learnt the best pencil to use for tracing, and the importance of slowing down, even using a magnifying glass to ensure I get the details in tricky areas like eyes.

    I recently used what I learned to trace a pet portrait, and was really pleased with the quality of the image. It also helped me to see more of the dog and it’s features. Sue’s tutorial is a total game changer!!

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