How do you watch yours? Leave me a comment and let me kniw what you do 😊

Did you know that there’s not just one way to watch an art video tutorial?  And anyway you choose is the right way! 

The format of my online classes starts with anyone coming on Zoom early to ask questions for a half hour. Then I mute everyone. If I didn’t it would be chaos and no one would hear me.  Anyone who has a question can type it in the comments and I answer it as I spot the questions out of the corner of my eye. Then at the end everyone who wants to show their work holds it up for everyone to see. I am always in awe of everyone’s work!! 

This is how I work but how you work on the other end is absolutely up to you and there is no right or wrong way to do this

In fact there’s three ways that I know of and I think the last one is genius! 

  1. Work along with me whilst I do the tutorial LIVE or recorded. 

A number of my class members use this way and they’re really successful with this method. But it’s really not a way that I would choose to work from a tutorial.  It just goes to show how different we all are in the way that we work. 

  1. Sit back, relax with a cup of tea and enjoy the journey. 

This is my preferred method.  I prefer to watch lots of tutorials and absorb all the information and then translate it into my work.  I don’t even make notes because that’s not how my brain works.  If something has sparked my imagination straight after a tutorial I will go to my pastels and have a go. 

  1. A number 3 take written notes and sketch notes. 

I love this idea, one of my students told me that this is what she does and it works really well for her.  She has a scrap of pastel paper and a notebook and she watches and takes notes and does little studies as she goes along about anything that catches her attention or sparks her interest.   Maureen very kindly let me use a photograph of her drawing notes – see below.  Such a useful idea to help you move forward on your journey with pastel

watch each video and then paint along, pausing whenever I needed to, and then restarting when I was ready.